Undertaker returning tonight?

According to multiple outlets, The Undertaker was spotted last night at a Nashville Predators NHL game in the same building that WWE is hosting Raw tonight. Being on the Road to Wrestlemania, an Undertaker sighting is almost expected. But recent reports had The Undertaker’s participation at Wrestlemania XXIX at Metlife Stadium in question.

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Photo courtesy of

“The word making the rounds at WWE TV this week was that plans for Wrestlemania may need to be altered pending a decision on whether The Undertaker will wrestle on the show…

the last few days was that Undertaker’s physical well being was being called into question and it was no longer fully confirmed he would be working the show.”

PW Insider

The rumor mill has CM Punk taking on “The Dead Man” at this year’s Show of Shows. WWE was looking into alternatives if The Undertaker was unable to go this year with the prevailing idea being a triple threat match for the WWE Title between Royal Rumble winner John Cena, WWE Champion The Rock and former WWE Champion CM Punk.

Much will be answered tonight on WWE’s Monday Night Raw. Be sure to check back Tuesday for analysis of Raw and a preview of Sunday’s Elimination Chamber PPV on the inaugural episode of Podcast of the Immortals.

Posted by Matt Busch


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