Lists and Rankings

Top Ten – Matt’s favorite WWE entrance themes

10) Mr. McMahon, The Corporation – “No Chance in Hell”

During the Attitude Era you knew some stuff was about to go down when Mr. McMahon’s music echoed across the arena. I love the ominous tone of the music. Add that to Mr. McMahon’s legendary strut and you truly have a great entrance and you know that you’ve got, “No Chance in Hell.”

9) Edge – “You Think You Know Me”

Edge’s theme developed during his years in the WWF/E, but his early “You Think You Know Me” was easily his best. When this theme hit you know you would be scanning the crowd to see where Edge and his partner-in-crime would be in the crowd.

8) Bret Hart

The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be didn’t limit his excellence to the ring – his theme is a classic that is instantly recognizable from the very beginning guitar shred. The beating drums just add to the greatness. Truly one of the best themes to come out of the 1980’s WWF.

7) The Undertaker – “Rest in Peace”

Once the first dong hits, the crowd begins to mark out for one of the greatest performers in WWE history. The Undertaker’s theme has undergone minor tweaks over the last twenty years, but the spine chilling effect it has on the crowd remains.

6) Scott Steiner – “Siren”

Scott Steiner has always had some variation of this theme, having “Holla If You Hear Me” during his WWE run, but this version from TNA is by far the coolest. The police siren announces immediately that Big Poppa Pump has arrived and is about to kick some ass.

5) The Boogeyman – “Comin to Getcha”

The Boogeyman’s theme has that New Orleans voodoo type feel to it that is seriously creepy to listen to. I love it and when you add it to the shenanigans of The Boogeyman smashing a clock, crawling on all hours, eating worms and gyrating while heading to the ring, you have yourself a very cool entrance.

4) The Ultimate Warrior

In the early 90’s, if you ever wanted to see a crowd lose it’s mind all you had to do was put on The Ultimate Warriors theme and watch them go nuts. Few entrances were as energizing to any crowd at any time in WWE’s history, and the theme matched Warrior’s insane personality. An all-time classic theme.

3) Razor Ramon

The Bad Guy had a good theme, a great theme actually. The music perfectly fit the character of a suave Miami playboy who didn’t give a damn. The screeching tires and rhythmic drums of the theme just added to attitude of Scott Hall in the early-to-mid-90’s. My favorite pre-attitude era theme.

2) nWo

The nWo had everything working for them in the late-90’s. They were the coolest, most popular and most powerful faction in the history of sports entertainment – they also happened to have one of the greatest theme songs of all time. I dare you to not mark out the next time you hear this played in WWE. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

1) Chris Jericho – “Break Down the Walls”

Jericho has been using slight variations on this theme since he entered the WWF in 1999 as Y2J, and the original is still the best. The countdown, the guitar rift and the lyrics are perfect. Save us Y2J! By far my No. 1 pick – no competition here.


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