The Undertaker set to return to WWE Raw tonight

The Undertaker

According to Mike Johnson from, The Undertaker is backstage at Monday Night Raw and is expected to make his return tonight.

“The Undertaker is backstage at Raw in Buffalo, NY and will be appearing tonight in some fashion to set up a Wrestlemania bout against CM Punk.”

The Undertaker was last seen on television during Raw 1000 when he teamed with brother Kane in a segment. The Undertaker also had a match at a Waco, Tex. house show a few weeks ago.

Speculation had been brewing over the Undertaker’s return. First the discussion was over whether or not The Undertaker would wrestle this year’s WrestleMania as he as had a more difficult than usual time recuperating from his WrestleMania XXVIII match against HHH in a Hell in a Cell match.

After The Undertaker was spotted at a Nashville Predators game the night prior to WWE hosting Raw in the same building the next night people have anxiously waited for the Dead Man’s return to television. It appears as if our wait is soon to be over.

The prevailing talk is that The Undertaker will take on former WWE Champion CM Punk at WrestleMania XXIX in New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium on April 7. Apparently CM Punk’s promo last week comparing himself to God was laying the groundwork for the upcoming feud with The Undertaker. Cm Punk and The Undertaker previously feuded on Smackdown in 2009.

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