WWE’s June PPV Finally Has a Name: Payback

No Way Out

According to, WWE’s June pay-per-view has a new name. WWE Payback will air on June 16, 2013 from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Ill.Payback will replace the now defunct No Way Out pay-per-view. Last year’s No Way Out PPV had a main event with John Cena beating The Big Show in a steel cage match that ended John Laurinaitis’ reign as Raw and Smackdown’s general manager.

The Payback name is similar to older WWE Pay Per View names such as Vengeance, Backlash and Bad Blood. All these PPVs focused on superstars trying to get revenge for previous loses in their feuds.

The June PPV is typically a holdover event. Being right in the middle of April’s WrestleMania and August’s SummerSlam, the main use for the event is to set up new feuds, or extend feuds leading up to SummerSlam.

The new name for the Payback PPV doesn’t give much by way of clues as to if there will be any unique stipulation matches at the event that other events such as The Royal Rumble, Extreme Rules and Hell in a Cell PPVs all deliver.

It’s worth noting that there were plenty of former PPVs that could have slid into this spot without creating a new event. The Fatal 4-Way PPV only aired once in 2010 and was rumored to return in 2012, but that obviously never happened.

The King of the Ring PPV could have been a great placeholder in June, giving meaning to a placeholder PPV that could also set up new and exciting feuds. However, WWE decided to go in another direction.


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