Episode 4 – Undertaker returns, Paul Bearer passes away


On Episode 4 of Podcast of the Immortals Matt and Jimmy discuss the untimely passing of Paul Bearer, the return of The Undertaker, CM Punk challenging Undertaker at WrestleMania, a possible heel turn for John Cena, count down the top ten WrestleMania’s of all time and have the first selections of their WWE fantasy draft.


2 thoughts on “Episode 4 – Undertaker returns, Paul Bearer passes away

  1. I love the old school, so RAW on Monday night was a little extra enjoyable for me from the very beginning. The logo, the letters, the feel, then the first thing you hear is the gong. I was like a kid again. I was really hoping for some more old school wrestlers though. Ric Flairs embellished ‘whoooos’ , back hand chops, and punches, along with his walk off the ropes is so iconic. You could tell he was enjoying the feel of being inside those turnbuckles. I got a good laugh when he was dropping elbows to nobody but the center of the mat. I’m not sure about my feelings on the Miz but I thought it was pretty classic winning with a submission figure 4. I cant even think of the last time a match was decided by a tap out, that never happens. Gotta love the figure four. There isn’t a wrestling fan out there that hasn’t tried the sharp shooter or figure four on their brother or buddy. There are no ropes to grab onto, ya always gotta tap!

    I’ll be honest when the WWF was at the DECC way back in the day the first thing I did before I went to my seat was go to the overpriced gift area tables and asked my dad to buy me a styrofoam 2×4 which he obliged. It was awesome and I raised it with pride and yelled for weeks on end, occasionally taking a swing or two at my brothers. So I was saddened to see good ol’ Hack-saw get beat so bad. Side note: I always thought it was cheap when kids would buy the Brett Hart glasses… those are something that you cannot buy, they must be given to you.

    I was really hungry for a Mean Gene burger, but would of at least settled for a good ol’ interview backstage with someone, I didn’t get either. His voice to me was one for the hearts of old school wrestling so many classic interviews. The Macho Man always comes to mind. It was pretty funny when Punk came out during Happy Birthday. It woulda been alot cooler if he slammed someone on top of that cake though!

    Million Dollar man, I was almost waiting for Virgil to come running out, especially when the fans started chanting his name! Was it just me or was the Honky Tonk man pretty awkward out there? Only good thing about those grueling minutes was the smashed up guitar. Its always fun when Road Dogg gets the mic though!

    Entertaining show, could of been alot more old school in my eyes though. Either way the present is here and Wrestlemania is around the corner,,, as Bart Scott would say.. Cant Wait!

    -Kyle Scanlon

    • Good stuff my man. I’ll make sure to try and get some old school wrestlers into my film of WrestleMania for yah!

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