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WWE Fantasy Draft: Rounds 6-10

On Tuesday, March 12 both Matt and Jimmy selected five more member to each of their respected fantasy teams. This week Matt had the first pick. The draft will continue for the next three weeks with each team ending with 25 wrestlers. You can listen to the draft live here on episode five. The draft starts at the 1:04:40 mark. Let us know what you think of our picks!


See also: Rounds 1-5

Team Jimmy

Previous picks:

1) Stone Cold Steve Austin

2) The Rock

3) CM Punk

4) Hulk Hogan

5) Macho Man Randy Savage

Round 6, Pick 2 – Kurt Angle

Career accomplishments: 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist; Four-time WWE/F Champion; World Heavyweight Championship; 2000 King of the Ring; Grand Slam Champion; Two PWI matches of the year.

Round 7, Pick 2 – Bruno Sammartino

Career accomplishments: Longest reigning champion of all time; Five PWI matches of the year; Two-time WWWF Champion.

Round 8, pick 2 – Jake Roberts

Career accomplishments: Despite not winning a championship in the WWF, he is one of the most revered wrestlers of all time due to his in-ring psychology. Had some of the most memorable feuds in the WWF during the early 90’s.

Round 9, pick 2 – Edge

Career accomplishments: Four-time WWE Champion; Seven-time World Heavyweight Champion; 2001 King of the Ring; 2005 and 2007 Money in the Bank winner; 2010 Royal Rumble winner; 13-time tag-team Champion; WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2012.

Round 10, pick 2 – Triple H

Career accomplishments: Eight-time WWE/F Champion; Five-time World Heavyweight Champion; 1997 King of the Ring; 2002 Royal Rumble winner.

Team Matt

Previous picks:

1) The Undertaker

2) Shawn Michaels

3) Goldberg

4) The Ultimate Warrior

5) Chris Jericho

Round 6, Pick 1 – Bret Hart

Career accomplishments: Three PWI matches of the year; Five-time WWF Champion; Two-Time WCW Champion; 1991 and 1993 King of the Ring; 1994 Royal Rumble winner; WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2006.

Round 7, Pick 1 – Ric Flair

Career accomplishments: Two-time WWF Champion; 1992 Royal Rumble winner; Five PWI Match of the Year awards; Recognized as a 16-Time World Champion.

Round 8, Pick 1 – Sting

Career accomplishments: 15-time World Champion; Six-time WCW Champion; 1991 PW Match of the Year

Round 9, Pick 1 – Brock Lesnar

Career accomplishments: 2000 Division 1 NCAA wrestling champion; UFC Champion; 2002 King of the Ring; PWI Match of the Year; 2003 Royal Rumble winner; Three-time WWE Champion

Round 10, Pick 1 – John Cena

Career accomplishments: Ten-time WWE Champion; Two-time World Heavyweight Champion; 2008 and 2013 Royal Rumble winner; Two PWI Matches of the Year


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