WWE Signs Australian Wrestler Matt Silva to Developmental Contract


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According to, The WWE has signed Australian wrestler Matt Silva to a developmental contract. Silva currently wrestlers for Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) in Australia.

Silva is scheduled to finish out his run with MCW on April 13 and report to the FCW in Tampa, Florida shortly after.

The MCW webpage describes Silva’s current character in some detail:

‘The Juggernaut’ of MCW, Matt Silva is one out of control maniac. A man who isn’t afraid to stand up and speak his mind has recently let his frustrations towards MCW Management known when he took a live microphone and verbally blasted the company for his treatment…

There is no doubt the ‘The Juggernaut’ has the skills and capabilities to one day reach the top of the MCW mountain but one has to ask if he truly has his eyes on the prize with all the complaining that he has been doing lately.

The WWE will likely repackage Silva with a new name and character, as they are known to do.

Silva joins a long line of international hires by the WWE that includes Sin Cara, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, and Justin Gabriel, among many others.

After watching a few of Silva’s matches online, it looks like he has decent size and a certain charisma in the ring that the WWE loves to have in excess.

It will be interesting to see if Silva will be able to break out of the glass ceiling that a lot of foreign stars seem to brush their head against. Recently Sheamus has found success, winning the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXVIII, but others haven’t been able to find much main event success.


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