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WWE Fantasy Draft: Rounds 11-15

On Tuesday, March 19 both Matt and Jimmy selected five more member to each of their respected fantasy teams. This week Jimmy had the first pick. The draft will conclude next week with each team drafting 10 more wrestlers to end with 25 wrestlers. You can listen to the draft live here on episode six. The draft starts at the 1:06:20 mark. Let us know what you think of our picks!

See also: Rounds 1-5, Rounds 6-10

Team Jimmy

Previous Picks:

1) Stone Cold Steve Austin

2) The Rock

3) CM Punk

4) Hulk Hogan

5) Macho Man Randy Savage

6) Kurt Angle

7) Bruno Sammartino

8) Jake Roberts

9) Edge

10) Triple H

Round 11, Pick 1 – Andre the Giant

Career accomplishments: One-time WWF Champion, One-time WWF World Tag Team Champion, inaugural inductee into the WWF Hall of Fame in 1993

Round 12, Pick 1 – Yokozuna

Career accomplishments: Two-time WWF Champion, Two-time WWF World Tag Team Champion, 1993 Royal Rumble winner, WWE Hall of Fame class of 2012

Round 13, Pick 1 – Mr. Perfect

Career accomplishments: Two-time WWF Intercontinental Champion, WWE Hall of Hame class of 2007

Round 14, Pick 1 – The Big Show

Career accomplishments: Four-time World Heavyweight Champion, Two-time WWE/F Champion, Three-time WWE Tag Team Champion, Three-time WCW World Tag Team Champion

Round 15, Pick 1 – Rob Van Dam

Career accomplishments: One-time WWE Champion, 2006 Money in the Bank winner, Six-time WWE Intercontinental Champion

Team Matt

Previous picks:

1) The Undertaker

2) Shawn Michaels

3) Goldberg

4) The Ultimate Warrior

5) Chris Jericho

6) Bret Hart

7) Ric Flair

8) Sting

9) Brock Lesnar

10) John Cena

Round 11, Pick 2 – Mick Foley

Career accomplishments: Three-time WWF Champion, Eight-time WWF Tag Team Champion, WWE Hall of Fame class of 2013, PWI Match of the Year 1998 and 1999

Round 12, Pick 2 – Daniel Bryan

Career accomplishments: One-time World Heavyweight Champion, One-time WWE US Champion, Current WWE Tag Team Champion, 2011 Money in the Bank winner

Round 13, Pick 2 – Chris Benoit

Career accomplishments: Two-time World Heavyweight Champion, 2004 Royal Rumble winner, PWI Match of the Year 2004

Round 14, Pick 2 – Randy Orton

Career accomplishments: Three-time World Heavyweight Champion, Six-time WWE Champion, 2009 Royal Rumble winner

Round 15, Pick 2 – Kevin Nash

Career accomplishments: One-time WWF Champion, Five-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, founding member of the nWo


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