WWE Monday Night Raw Rapid Reaction – April 29


It’s 7:00 on Monday and that means that WWE Monday Night Raw is live for our viewing pleasure.

Tonight’s Raw has plenty of interesting storylines to look forward to. Will John Cena be able to wrestle following his Achilles injury, what will The Shield do for an encore after beating down The Undertaker last week on both Raw and Smackdown and, most importantly, what outfits will the Bella Twins be sporting tonight?

Big E Langston v Ricardo Rodriguez v Zeb Colter

Raw kicks off with a triple threat match between Big E Langston, Ricardo Rodriguez and Zeb Colter to determine the stipulation for the triple threat World Heavyweight Championship match between Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler at next month’s Extreme Rules PPV.XoR1OAS

Big E looks like the obvious favorite in the match, so I’m sure he won’t win. The match gets going and Rodriguez actually gets some offense in on Big E before he overpowers the mouth of the south of the border. Colter and Rodriguez somehow get the upper hand on the monster when the match starts to break down. Del Rio takes out Colter, Ziggler takes out Del Rio, Swagger takes out Ziggler and Big E takes out both Swagger and himself. This leaves Colter to pin Rodriguez, which he tries, and fails. AJ stops the refs count, allowing Rodriguez to win the match and the stipulation for Del Rio.

This was actually a very entertaining match. Everyone had a role and effected the outcome in the match. I am really excited for the triple threat match at Extreme Rules to see how this plays out.

World Wish Day


It’s World Wish Day today and being that the WWE works closely with the Make a Wish foundation John Cena made tonight’s Raw a very special night for three lucky fans. The Eliminator, Nick the Snitch and Lightning Logan all made their WWE debuts alongside the WWE Champion. I was really impressed with the mic work from the Eliminator and Lightning Logan looks like a physical freak of nature. I fully expect these three to be frequent main eventers in the near future.

On a more serious note, you can really see how Cena connects with the younger fans, and it makes it more obvious to myself why McMahon hasn’t pulled the trigger on that John Cena heel turn just yet.

Orton vs Cody Rhodes

Well this one looks thrown together. Rhodes and Orton have been both partners and enemies in the past but these two haven’t collided in a while. WWE must need some filler tonight for their three hour show.

This match is actually a pretty solid bought. Rhodes is really impressing me and it just shows that this guy has the in-ring talent to really get it done. It’s a shame he has been floundering around on Smackdown for a while now. Cole, King and JBL seem to be having a contest to see who can make the most obscure reference in this match. Even caught a Genghis Kahn reference. Way to play to your audience fellas. Rhodes dodges an RKO and hits the Cross Rhodes! 1! 2! … and the Viper kicks out. That would have been a huge win for Rhodes. Rhodes goes for a disaster kick and gets hit with a big RKO and Orton wins. Orton then cuts a solid promo with Matt Striker in the ring and hits Rhodes with another RKO for good measure.

This whole match was awesome. Both Rhodes and Orton performed well and it was a very solid match. The crowd was really invested in the match as well. Even heard an RKO chant. I’m sure Orton will be happy to hear that after the random chants he got in the Izod Center at the Raw after Mania three weeks ago.

The Shield promo


The Shield enter the ring and gab about how they have eliminated the top competition in the WWE. John Cena, Ryback and most recently The Undertaker. 3MB decided that this was an opportune time to make a statement of their own and interrupt The Shield. This doesn’t go well for 3MB as they are quickly beat down by The Shield. Flames erupt around the ring and Team Hell No make an appearance causing the Shield to flee like cockroaches when a light turns on. Team Hell No decides to make the best of it and beats down 3MB – may as well.

Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston

It’s Champion vs Champion as World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler takes on Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston. This one should be fun

Ziggler is up early after some early offense but Kofi gets the upper hand shortly after and maintains for the better part of the match. Kofi looks good and nearly gets a pin but AJ Lee comes to ZiggyPuff’s rescue and puts his leg on the rope for the break. Kofi keeps up the advantage, going high risk to the outside and striking Big E from the top rope. Kofi nearly gets another fall but Ziggler is able to kick out. Kingston goes high risk one to many times and misses with Ziggler moving out of the way and hitting Kofi with the Zig Zag for the 1, 2, 3. Ziggler wins and Big E hits Kofi with a couple Big Endings for good measure.

Another awesome match. That makes two for the night already. I’m thoroughly enjoying this episode of Raw.

Jack Swagger vs Zack Ryder

Well, I guess all the matches can’t be great. Looks like we are in for our first squash match of the night as Swagger should clearly win this one easily. Swagger is dominating early until he gets cocky and Ryder nails him in the face. Ryder’s momentum doesn’t last long and Swagger gets the win with the Patriot Lock as Ryder taps out. Swagger does what heels do and continues to beat on Ryder a bit after the match.

Meh. Looks like Mark Henry is up next.

Mark Henry tug of war

Well this is a first. We are having a tug of war match on Monday Night Raw. Mark Henry makes quick work of Tensai. Brodus Clay makes his way out. He wants his chance at the tug of war. This doesn’t seem fair to Henry. Clearly he should be too tired having to do two matches in a row. How could he ever win… holy cow, Mark Henry beats Brodus. I can’t believe this. He must work out. Holy smokies! Now Sheamus wants his chance to take on Henry at tug of war. Neither man wants to give an inch. The crowd is actually in to this for some reason. Henry has Sheamus beat but Sheamus lets go and Henry tumbles to the ground. Sheamus follows up with a Brogue Kick to the dome of Henry. Pretty sneaky there fella.

Ok, now that that’s over maybe we can get back to some actual wrestling.

Ryback out, Cena in to Main Event


Ladies and gentlemen, The Ryback has left the building. This leaves the main event as Team Hell No and a mystery opponent to take on The Shield. John Cena tells the funnier half of Team Brickie to tell Vickie Guerrero to put him into the main event with team Hell No despite having an injured Achilles. How will the Champ respond to such slim odds of success?

Alberto Del Rio vs Antonio Cesaro

Antonio Cesaro hits a new low as his yodeling entrance is pushed to WWE’s iPhone app. This is disgraceful for the former WWE United States Champion. Cesaro gets the upper hand early. There is absolutely no doubt who will win this match so I’m not going to bother telling you about it. Instead I will inform you that Podcast of the Immortals Episode 12 will be recorded tomorrow! So be sure to check that out right here on our Podcast of the Immortals blog. Also, be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes if you haven’t already and give us a review. Much appreciated! Back to the action. Holy cow. Alberto Del Rio wins. Shocking!

To be fair this was actually a very solid match. Cesaro was booked fairly strongly and looked like he posed a threat to the former World Heavyweight Champion. It was nice to see another Very European Uppercut which we haven’t seen from Cesaro in a while. Del Rio continues to improve in the ring as well and as I said earlier, I am very excited to see his triple threat match at Extreme Rules.

Del Rio announces that the stipulation for the triple threat World Heavyweight Championship match at Extreme Rules will be a ladder match. Me = even more excited now.

Fandango vs Great Khali in a dance off

Fandango enters with his recently debuted valet – Summer Rae from NXT. For those of you who don’t know her, this photo is for you.

This segment is pretty awful so far. What is the WWE’s fascination with dancing gimmicks anyways. Oh well, at least Summer Rae is looking very nice tonight in her purple gown. Shockingly, the crowd chooses The Great Khali as the dancing victor. What shame for Fandango’s family. To earn some respect back he takes out Khali and hits him with a leg drop from the top rope before saying his name once again for the crowd.

John Cena and Team Hell No vs The Shield – Main Event

Cena enters first and is visibly hobbling as he makes his way to the ring. Will Cena be able to overcome? The Shield surrounds the ring with Bryan, Kane and Cena back to back in the ring. Team Cena is able to handle them and Kane starts the match in the ring against Dean Ambrose. Cena gets the tag and is noticeably hurt while attempting any offense and Bryan tags in quickly. Daniel Bryan is getting worked over pretty well by The Shield but he finally gets in a tag – to Kane. Seems like Team Hell No is avoiding tagging in the injured Cena. Kane tosses Ambrose over the ropes and clears off the announce table. It backfires as Ambrose DDTs Kane on the concrete floor.

Kane just reaches the ring in time to stop the 10 count from the ref and hits Ambrose with a big choke slam. Cena gets the hot tag and here comes Cena. Cena’s leg gives out while trying to AA Seth Rollins and he gets speared by Roman Reigns giving The Shield a victory over Cena and Team Hell No. Ryback makes his presence known as he comes out to stare down Cena as Raw goes off the air.

I’m fairly surprised Cena took a clean pin here. Sure he wasn’t 100% but it normally takes more than a spear to pin the WWE Champion.

Final thoughts

All in all I thought this was a very good episode of Raw. We saw good wrestling, storylines advanced and we have a pretty damn good PPV lineup to look forward to at Extreme Rules.


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