WWE Monday Night Raw Rapid Reaction – Live Updates – May 27



After a week off during which I fell asleep during the start of last week’s Raw, our Podcast of the Immortals Live Blog is up and running for tonight’s Monday Night Raw hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Hopefully we will have a Bret Hart sighting, a Mountie reference and some other stereotypical Canadian references – like hockey. Canadians like hockey, did you know that? And Tim Horton’s. MMMMmmmm Tim Horton’s.


Looks like we might get another look at Curt Axel tonight after last week’s fiasco of a main event against Triple H.


Learn your history folks, this was important. Also, don’t be afraid to click that follow button!


HBK is in the building.


Monday Night Raw is live and here we go! They start off by showing a nice video package for Memorial Day. The WWE has always done a nice job of supporting the military and tonight is no different. Would have been nice to actually have the show in the United States tonight however.

John Cena promo


And here comes WWE Champion John Cena to officially get the ball rolling on tonight’s show. Cena, as per usual, is met with a chorus of boos from the Canadian crowd. I knew I loved Canada for some reason. Cena says he understands why the crowd is upset. Says that there is controversy over his match against Ryback from Extreme Rules where the Last Man Standing match ended in a no contest. Ryback’s name also brings in a chorus of boos.

A “We want Bret” chant breaks out in support of Calgary native Bret Hart.

Cena says the WWE Championship will be defended in a “Three Stages of Hell” match at Payback on June 16. The first stage is a lumberjack match, stage two a tables match and stage three being an ambulance match.

At this, Ryback comes out. Says to say hello to Satan himself, Ryback. Mmkay then. I just don’t see how Ryback walks out with the belt next month.

Paul Heyman interrupts and says to say hello to a future WWE Champion who defeated Triple H so decisively that Triple H won’t be seen around WWE for a while – Curt Axel. Axel pretends to rip off a non-existent shirt as Paul Heyman continues to jaw on the mic. Looks like we are going to get a Curt Axel match against Cena tonight.

Alberto Del Rio vs Big E Langston


Now this match should be good. We got two guys the WWE tends to protect lately. I would be surprised if this match ended cleanly. Langston is manhandling Del Rio early on in this one, as he should. The guy is just a load of a man. He hits Del Rio with back to back to back backbreakers. Del Rio flips momentum with a backstabber and a “Si!” chant breaks out followed by a “We want Ziggler” chant.

Del Rio regains control before Del Rio counters. AJ takes exposes the top turnbuckle and Del Rio uses it to hit Langston and cost him the match. Langston is upset with Ziggler’s gf and leaves her in the ring as he exits.

Team Hell No backstage

Daniel Bryan is still upset about being the weak link of the team. They begin arguing and announce that Team Hell No will be having a rematch for the WWE Tag Team Championships tonight. Bryan and Kane argue until The Hitman himself, Bret Hart makes his first appearance. Hart talks Bryan up and says he can overcome his size.

Dean Ambrose vs Kofi Kingston for US Championship


Kofi looks aggressive and takes control early. I’m really liking the new and improved Kingston who is taken more serious as a competitor now. Less and less kiddy stuff from him lately, which is a very good thing for him.

We return from commercial with Ambrose is total control. Kingston reverses momentum but it will more than likely be all for naught. Ambrose and the Shield are running hot right now and I don’t see Ambrose dropping the belt just 8 days after standing triumphant at Extreme Rules.

This match is actually very good so far. They had a back to back two counts for a while before Kofi hits the S.O.S, which Ambrose is able to kick out of. Ambrose is able to pull out the victory but the combo puts together yet another solid match.

I’m going to kill the live blog now as I am tired and we are an hour into Raw without one hit on the blog so far. Thanks for checking it out (if you did)!


2 thoughts on “WWE Monday Night Raw Rapid Reaction – Live Updates – May 27

    • Thanks, I really appreciate it. I’ll get back on it better next week. I got frustrated when I saw that not one person had even checked it out this week. Sorry for not finishing up the episode. It turned out to be a great one so far. Really really really loved the Shield match vs Hell No. You can hear us tomorrow night on the podcast. Thanks for reading!

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