Sting debuts for WWE at San Diego Comic Con 2014

When I arrived in San Diego last week for Comic Con International, I naturally made seeing the WWE panel on Thursday morning one of my priorities. The panel promised “Incredible guest appearances by Hulk Hogan, Daniel Bryan, Michael Cole, Paul Heyman, and you never know what else will be unveiled.”

I was excited to have another opportunity to “Yes” for Daniel Bryan and see the Immortal Hulk Hogan once again. Little did I know that the former WWE Champions would be only a side note once the panel concluded.

I got up early on Thursday, threw on my CM Punk gear (Mark) and headed on down to Room 6DE at the San Diego Convention Center and I was not disappointed. Daniel Bryan spoke about his injury, Hulk Hogan waxed poetically about WrestleMania XVIII against the Rock and Paul Heyman was just damn entertaining. After a really good panel the boys from Mattel told us to hold tight because they had a special announcement following the panel. They threw up on the screen this figure.


The crowd clapped enthusiastically at the appearance of Sting on the Mattel line. After a few seconds Sting’s music hits and the attendees begin gathering their things to leave the panel. Then it happened.

Sting waltzed onto the stage and right into the WWE history books. The fans went nuts realizing what they are witnessing, including myself. It was a surreal, completely unexpected moment that I was lucky enough to share with those 500 or 600 others.

Sting answered a few questions and stated he isn’t here just to sit around, he wants to wrestle, and he has a certain opponent in mind (Undertaker ::cough cough::). The fans washed over Sting, Daniel Bryan and Hogan with applause and cheers. A truly chill inducing moment I will never forget.

Be sure to listen to Episode 93 of “Podcast of the Immortals” to hear about my Comic Con experiences including the WWE panel and meeting CM Punk!

Below is video recording by my neighbor at the panel. Enjoy and give her a follow on Twitter! @girlinthewindow

10580875_10104878311486610_7652206383593973988_o 10549947_10104878315129310_3070957593417142932_o 10514213_10104878311781020_1681431769526010154_o 10499410_10104878315852860_6126576817869363945_o 10497229_10104878308028540_1921533412832807558_o 10485415_10104878316042480_1869544691377412437_o 10476590_10104878310054480_5603617541022006721_o 10446326_10104878316376810_4859398215091388066_o 10380454_10104878315034500_6603283602439245828_o 10329827_10104878318173210_6533844180988603966_o 10272602_10104878317230100_1443283168398074334_o


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