Podcast of the Immortals is a weekly podcast dedicated to analyzing and debating the WWE. The hosts of the show are Matt Busch and Jimmy Bellamy who both hail from parts unknown and weigh in at a combined weight of 420 pounds. The show can be reached at our email address – podcastoftheimmortals@gmail.com.



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  1. Hey guys I love your podcast. I would like to hear you guys’ thoughts on something.

    I was one of the many hopeful fans that was looking forward to a John Cena heel turn at Night Of Champions…. And then Cena’s promo at Raw happened.

    After watching Cena’s promo on the Raw premiere it is my opinion that he cares more about himself than he cares about the wrestling business. The ”E” in “WWE” stands for ENTERTAINMENT, and honestly the most ENTERTAINING direction for this feud would involve Cena turning heel and siding with Heyman. A cena heel turn is long overdue because the character is stale and one-dimensional. I am so sick and tired of colorful wristbands and baseball caps.

    Cena clearly stated that he likes ‘being John Cena’ too much to turn on his fans, but the WWE is what gave him the platform to do Make-a-Wish, perform for the troops and all the other good causes.. The WWE is in need of a shake-up and Cena owes it to the company that made him to do his job and indeed do what’s BEST FOR BUSINESS. Thanks guys!

    BTW: I thought the NXT guys did great on Raw!

  2. Idea for “WWE Instant Replay”…
    This works now with Vince backstage, since it seems he doesn’t want to come out much anymore, but gets even better as he steps back and let’s hHh takes over.
    When instant replay is required say, “Now we send it over to Vince McMahon in WWE Headqurters in Connecticut with the final call”. Vince has just reviewed the replay after a brief pause and he makes the call. Now you can set up a fake office backstage and when he steps back really send it to headquarters. This would make it easy to reverse things or let Vince be a huge heel if he upholds the decision. If Roger Goodell really got to make final decisions on NFL replays he would be the biggest heel ever. What do you guys think?

  3. I was also expecting to hear about Lesnar vs Angle during your shoot topic and I realized that shoot has kind of changed meaning. In the old days a promoter would keep a “shooter” or “hooker” around to take the belt off a non-wrestler if they wouldn’t do business.

    What you guys discussed were mostly works that fell apart because there was some genuine heat between wrestlers and/or promoters. If the rolls were reversed in Montreal and Sean Michaels wouldn’t drop the belt, McMahon might have sent Bret Hart in there to “shoot” on Michaels and take the belt for real. The Regal/Goldberg match is more like a shoot by that definition.

    Anyway, great show. I was in the twin cities last weekend too to visit my brother. We went to a middle eastern place called Shish that is really good. Keep rocking in Minnesota!

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